Warranty and Care


Any repair or replacement does not extend your registration period 

At GFS we retain the right to repair-replace parts

In an extreme case we may replace the saddle as we see appropriate.

Any claim MUST be administered through our GFS approved dealers and cannot be handled directly by ourselves or through a third party who is not part of our dealership network 


To maintain your warranty you must follow our guidance on leather care and have your saddle checked- serviced periodically by either the approved GFS dealer who provided you with the saddle or another approved GFS dealer   WHAT IS COVERED by your WARRANTY?   
  • THE SADDLE TREE: GFS guarantee the saddle tree against repair and or breakage for 5 years
  • This guarantee is subject to normal use and is not a guarantee against damage by accident or use not normally associated with Horse riding 
  • OTHER PARTS – leather: GFS guarantee any leather parts, for repair-replacement if found to have faulty materials or components for a period of up to two years after the date of purchase  
Please note this guarantee does NOT extend to any product sold as a factory second discontinued item or prototype model   


  • GFS is unable to cover wear and tear especially cosmetic wear due to everyday use
  • Accidental damage 
  • Fault created by negligence and or not following our care guidelines 
  • The Fit of the saddle itself 
  • Use of the saddle in an inappropriate way for something not related to Horse Riding
  • Labour charges – associated labour charges to diagnose dismantle reassemble repair, or replace the part(s) which are not covered  
  • Your warranty is NOT an insurance scheme and does not extend to any loss or consequential loss or damage 


Repairs or adjustments to the original product are made by a third party not by an Approved GFS repair centre or by us

Modifications are made to the product that changes the design and function of the product 

Parts are used that are not original GFS parts or recommended- approved by us for use with our products  

Maintenance and care procedures are not followed

Water damage or ingress

You are NOT the original owner of the saddle and are NOT the person registered as owning the saddle 


No claim will be considered before the commencement of the warranty registration

No claim will be considered if repair work has been undertaken without the approval of ourselves   


Any claim MUST be administered by the Saddle fitter - Dealer who you purchased your saddle from or alternatively someone who is approved by ourselves 

An approved dealer will be listed on our website 


To clean we recommend wiping with a damp cloth-sponge to remove dirt and debris that may otherwise scratch the surface of the leather and then clean with a glycerine saddle soap 

Cleaning should take place, once a week (dependent upon use) or after use in an environment where the riding surface is disturbed and rises onto your saddle  

To maintain the natural suppleness of the leather, we recommend the following  


You MUST, dress your saddle with NAF Shere Luxe Leather Balsam as this rich wax–based Balsam will enrich the leather of your new saddle prior to use 

You should liberally dress and leave overnight to ensure maximum penetration into the leather which will both seal in moisture and protect your saddle    


You MUST NOT use either synthetic stirrup leathers or those with a nylon face they will act as an abrasive to the surface of the leather 

We also recommend that a good quality leather girth is used rather than one made from any kind of fabric or synthetic material     


After cleaning, weekly you should replenish and rejuvenate the moisture content of the leathers  

Lightly dress the surface with the Balsam, to maintain moisture content and protection

ESPECIALLY take EXTRA care in high wear areas, such as

  • Areas that are in contact with girth buckles and Billet straps
  • Friction rub areas, such as where the stirrup leathers rub on the Flap
  • If your saddle leathers are treated in this way you should over time achieve the traditional beauty of age worked saddle and expect many years of excellent service 


It is normal especially if the surface of the leather is damp to experience some colour loss onto your breeches when the saddle is new

For this reason we recommend that appropriate clothing is selected especially when the saddle is new and has had a liberal treatment of NAF Shere Leather Balsam 

Once the saddle has been used once or twice most of this colour loss should disappear unless the saddle surface has been made damp after cleaning 

For this reason we recommend that any treatment with NAF Leather Balsam is AFTER use and has had time to be absorbed into the surface of the leather overnight